Signs and Wonders

January 3-5, 2019



Benny Hinn is an evangelist and teacher noted for preaching the life-saving and miracle working power of the Gospel around the world. He is the Senior Pastor of World Healing Center Church, a worldwide ministry know for hosting Holy Spirit Miracle and Healing Services.



A pastor to pastors, with over 25 years experience in ministry, Tarn has traveled the world speaking to and training leaders. Tarn's dynamic message and gift to preach and teach has seen her stand on numerous platforms across the world.


Kevin & Deven WALLACE

Kevin and Deven Wallace serve as Lead Pastors of Redemption To The Nations Church. They have committed their lives to impacting the city of Chattanooga with a message of love and redemption while raising up sons and daughters equipped with the power of God to change nations.


Alexander pagani

The founder of He Is Risen Tabernacle in Bronx, New York. He is an apostolic Bible teacher with keen insight into the realm of the demonic, generational curses, and deliverance. An internationally sought-after conference speaker, he takes an uncompromising approach to the Scriptures and has been involved in more than four hundred deliverance sessions.


Sharon RAmkhelewan

Sharon Ramkhelawan is the founding and lead Pastor of HopeNYC, in Jamaica, New York. God’s blessing and favor follows her ministry in miraculous ways. She pastors a multiethnic, urban congregation. Her passion is to deliver the true Word in meaningful and powerful ways to people of all ages and cultures. She is known for her creative communication style.

General Schedule


  • 5 PM- 7:30PM Registration

  • 7 PM- Encounter 1

    • Worship & Apostolic Teaching/Release - Deven Wallace


  • 9:00AM- 12PM Equip 1

    • The Prophetic Languages of God - Matt & Tarn Cross

      • Ministry/Teaching (1 hour)

      • Prayer (30 minutes)

  • Dreams & Visions - Sharon Ramkhelawan

    • Ministry/Teaching (1 hour)

    • Prayer (30 minutes)

  • 12:15PM-1:30PM Lunch in the Redemption Gym

  • 1:45PM - 4:30PM - Equip 2

    • Deliverance 101 - Alexander Pagani

    • Activation & Impartation for Deliverance - Alexander Pagani

  • 5:30PM- Exterior Doors Open/6:30 Interior Doors Open

  • 7PM- Encounter 2

    • Worship & Healing Service - Benny Hinn


  • 10AM- 1PM Equip 3 (no lunch provided)

    • The Power of Fasting & Prayer - Dr. Danielle Wright